[lsb-discuss] Dropping architectures -- policy discussion

Robert Schweikert rjschwei at suse.com
Wed Nov 7 17:18:57 UTC 2012


This week and last week we spent some time on the conference call 
discussing how we would handle ending the support of LSB for any given 
architecture that is part of the LSB. The consensus reached was that we 
do not want to implement a deprecation policy, rather, when an 
architecture is proposed for removal and the decision is made to remove 
the architecture it would just get removed in the next LSB release. 
Thus, a policy statement along the lines of the following should be 
added to our documentation.

Hardware architecture support by the LSB is LSB version specific and the 
supported hardware architectures may be different in different versions 
of the LSB. This implies that there is no hardware architecture 
deprecation policy. Decisions about hardware architecture support for 
any given LSB release are made by the work group. Points considered in 
the decision are:
- Upstream support and interest
- Distribution availability
- Hardware vendor support for Linux (Certification)
- Input from the mailing list

Suggestions to the wording of this "non-policy" are welcome. If anyone 
wants to argue that we need to have a deprecation policy for hardware 
architectures please speak up.


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