[lsb-discuss] unofficial LSB conference call minutes for 14 Aug 2013

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Aug 14 15:52:24 UTC 2013

LSB teleconference

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2013 @11:00 to noon, US ET

Where:	(605) 715-4920 Access Code: 512468

Gobby:	gobby -j lsb-temp.pmman.net:6522 with passwd: LSB

IRC channels are:
 	#lsb-meeting at freenode.net during meetings
 	#lsb at freenode.net most other times

in the form : name (organization)  [irc_nick]
Mats Wichmann (LSB)  mwichmann
Robert Schweikert (SuSE)  robjo
Glen Petrie (Epson)
Jeff Licquia (LF)  licquia
Russ Herrold (Owl River)  orc_emac

Posted Agenda:
  - More NSPR and ncursesw

  - State of stable updates

New business:

Meeting opens at 11:00 with:

NSPR update from Mats -- Some upstream documentation links are 
non functional.  He has made inquiry, and is awaiting replies. 
He will take a brief vacation from the drill in, pending 
replies.  Some discussion on getting a test candidate using 
the LSB functions, to permit confirming completeness

Jeff reports that a small patch (an initialisation of a 
variable) on olver-core cleared up several previous failures 
which were being reported as mediator failures.  Russ mentions 
that the Coverity static code analysis tool has changed as to 
its availability.  Red Hat has been running this a lot 
recently, in watching their commit logs. It may be worthwhile 
running the LSB code through such.  Jeff points out that parts 
of the TET suite are ... older, and may represent a challenge 
to audit

As to the stable updates periodic release, we seem to be on 
target for a timely release of test candidates

LinuxCon is coming -- Jeff and Robert state they will be 
present, and Mats is trying to work out attendance


Call ends at local 11:25

Weekly Bug triage:
The bug tracker is at: https://bugs.linuxbase.org/
irc-only #lsb-meeting at freenode.net
Thurs at 10:00 Eastern
Bugzilla stats as of 14 Aug: 544 open (550 open last week) 542 
assigned, 2 new
New last 90 days: 46, last 30: 15; closed last 90: 34, last 
30: 13
Changed this week: 17, last week: 19
Bugs that are assigned but have no milestone: 213, Rollup 
bugs: 21

last week's bug triage minutes:
Minutes (text):

Buildbot and Reviewboard:

Next meeting:
21 Aug 2013 11:00 to noon, US ET

gobby unofficial minutes are open for edit for at least 15 min 
after each call, and then issued into the mailing list

This document: LSB_minutes_20130814.txt

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