[lsb-discuss] unofficial LSB conference call minutes for 28 Aug 2013

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Aug 28 20:58:30 UTC 2013

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LSB teleconference

Wednesday,  28 Aug 2013 @11:00 to noon, US ET

Where:	(605) 715-4920 Access Code: 512468

Gobby:	gobby -j lsb-temp.pmman.net:6522 with passwd: LSB

IRC channels are:
 	#lsb-meeting at freenode.net during meetings
 	#lsb at freenode.net most other times

in the form : name (organization)  [irc_nick]
Mats Wichmann (LSB)  mwichmann
Russ Herrold (Owl River)  orc_emac
Jeff Licquia (LF)  licquia
Glen Petrie (Epson)
Rick Troth (Velocity Software) rickt
Robert Schweikert (SuSE)  robjo

Posted Agenda:

  - Status of stable updates, 5.0 work, and infrastructure.

  - SDK header ordering problems: is there a better way?

New business:

Meeting opens at 11:00 with:

Fix-up of old (and really, not technically correct) SDK 
headers, and getting to a proper header ordering, have broken 
the build, and are being addressed, slogging through

Wiki spam continues.  Jeff will look into getting Russ user 
locking, and spam revert permissions on his account

Call conference bridge quality has been indifferent with 
'picket-fencing' and dropouts

As to the header issue, there is a recursion depth limit in 
our current code, so loop detection is manual.  Adding ./lsb/ 
'header hacks' is the current approach, but imposes a long 
term maintenance load.  'guard' includes (#IFDEFs) are 
customarily used to prevent multiple inclusion of a header, 
but using this circular dependency detection logic essentially 
entails writing a language aware macro expander ... and we are 
not in the business of writing compiler subsets

The workaround being used (the ./leb/ header) solved many, but 
not all of these issues.  The work continues.  This may be a 
durable enough solution for now, as the offending headers are 
slow moving targets.  Robert suggests that a 'post' patch may 
simplify matters by inspecting the detected changes and 
reverting out mistakes on a one-off basis

LSB 5 progress has been blocked for the last three weeks with 
the build-system repair taking precedence.  C++ work turns out 
to be a smaller changeset than first analysis had indicated as 
many changes relate to changes in vtables that we do not need 
to track; Qt uplift is next after than

The tracking bug is at:
and will be reviewed at tomorrow's Bug triage meeting.  Please 
read and come prepared to discuss, with an eye to Priority 

A beta (alpha?) of a distribution checker and at least a 
partial SDK for the LSB 'high priority' features is ... near? 
Time-boxing implies 'by the end of the year'.  We really have 
to get a test candidate out 'soon' to remain relevant to the 
Enterprise distributions.  Robert points out that LSB 4.1 is 
'too old' and getting into SLES due to the Qt version uplift. 
Really a beta by late September is essentially very needed

Off the top of his head, Jeff indicates this is largely just 
database work (Qt, C++) ... wiki page enumerating release 
goals is at:

Uplifts enumeration:

An example prior release notice for 4.0 appeared here, to crib 
the next release notice from:


Call ends at local 11:50

Weekly Bug triage:
The bug tracker is at: https://bugs.linuxbase.org/
irc-only #lsb-meeting at freenode.net
Thurs at 10:00 Eastern
Bugzilla stats as of 28 Aug: 556 open (553 last week)
551 assigned, 4 new, 1 pleasetest
New last 90 days: 53, last 30: 21; closed last 90: 24, last 
30: 12
Changed this week: 6, last week: 13
Bugs that are assigned but have no milestone: 220, Rollup 
bugs: 21

last week's bug triage minutes:
Minutes (text):

How to get involved:
  - join the mailing list
  - register for a bugzilla account (free)
  - join and lurk in the IRC channel
  - dial into the weekly call and participate
  - join in the edit of the weekly minutes in the gobby
    Free gobby clients available at: 
  - join bug triage and resolution
  - file and fix bugs
  - review patches at the ReviewBoard
  - document matter in the wiki
    (requires LF web account to edit, free)
  - set up and run a puppet build master and build slave 
continuous integration tester
  - Read about editing the specification

Buildbot and Reviewboard:

Next meeting:
  4 Sep 2013 11:00 to noon, US ET

gobby unofficial minutes are open for edit for at least 15 min 
after each call, and then issued into the mailing list

This document: LSB_minutes_20130828.txt

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