[lsb-discuss] delayed unoffficial LSB conference call minutes for 20 Mar 2012

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Mar 27 16:29:02 UTC 2013

This may be a re-send -- I do not find a copy from last week 
went out

LSB teleconference

Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013 @11:00 to noon, US ET

Where:	(605) 715-4920 Access Code: 512468

Gobby:	gobby -j lsb-temp.pmman.net:6522 with passwd: LSB

IRC channels are:
 	#lsb-meeting at freenode.net during meetings
 	#lsb at freenode.net most other times

in the form : name (organization)  [irc_nick]
Jeff Licquia (LF)  licquia
Russ Herrold (Owl River)  orc_emac
Darren Davis (SuSE)
Mats Wichmann (Intel)  mwichmann
Glen Petrie (Epson)
Rick Troth (Velocity Software) rickt

Stew Benedict ()  stewb
Denis Silakov (ROSA Labs)  denis_silakov
Alan Clark (SuSE)  AlanClark
Jiri Dluhos (SUSE)  jdluhos
Alexey Khoroshilov (ISP RAS)  Alexey
Glen Petrie (Epson)
Carlos O'Donell (Mentor Graphics) odonell

Robert Schweikert (SuSE)  robjo
Kay Tate (SuSE)  ktate

Posted Agenda:
    - Status of stable updates.
    - LSB 5.0: More glibc updates, especially aio.

New business:

Meeting opens at 11:00 with:

Daylight Saving time is causing some conflicts, but they may 
pass as the various jurisdictions move to DST globally. Note 
the one conflict is scheduled using UTC, so won't help that 
one. Pending a discussion on the mailing list, no change in 
time for the call, as this may solve itself in a couple weeks

re-entrant crypt functions (crypt_r, encrypt_r, setkey_r) are 
ready to add to LSB

async I/O:  in POSIX 2008, this option group has moved to 
Base, which seems to be enough of a signal to turn on in LSB. 
Linux manpages don't have any particular "don't use this, it's 
horribly broken" disclaimers.  However, Linux AIO is normally 
a different implementation using libaio.  There was once an 
effort to implement one using the other, but haven't heard 
anything about that.  libaio is at an 0.3 level, there hasn't 
really been any call to add that to LSB yet. So mostly we 
think POSIX aio could go in, people don't have to use it, but 
it makes use a more complete implementation of POSIX, and 
track glibc a little closer.

patchsets for adding crypt_r, POSIX aio already exist in the 
relevant bugs.

Some discussion of ways for people to join the LSB meeting 
without being there in person.  Jeff and Russ will both 
investigate further various technologies.  Editorial remark: 
the state of open source conferencing software (that is, with 
voice and maybe video) isn't that great. All efforts seem to 
have some limitation.

Call ends at local Noon

Weekly Bug triage:
The bug tracker is at: https://bugs.linuxbase.org/
irc-only #lsb-meeting at freenode.net
Thurs at 10:00 Eastern
Bugzilla stats as of 20 Mar: 530 open (541 last week), 537 
assigned, 2 new
New last 90 days: 61, last 30: 26; closed last 90: 44, last 
30: 14
Changed this week: 6, last week: 151 (due to bulk reassign)
Bugs that are assigned but have no milestone: 225, Rollup 
bugs: 23

last week's bug triage minutes:





Next meeting:
27 Mar 2013 11:00 to noon, US ET

gobby unofficial minutes are open for edit for at least 15 min 
after each call, and then issued into the mailing list

This document: LSB_minutes_20130320.txt

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