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Robert Schweikert rjschwei at suse.com
Tue Apr 1 18:26:45 UTC 2014


On 04/01/2014 06:33 AM, chrubis at suse.cz wrote:
> Hi!
>> For example I don't think we want to create a problem statement and a
>> solution etc. for every interface that is in the LSB today. If we did
>> that we'd just recreate the specification in a different form. I do not
>> consider that worth our while. On the other hand we have all these tests
>> that could definitely be valuable to distributions and upstream. Thus,
>> in these cases I was thinking that we could potentially invent a
>> mechanized way to pull out the tet stuff and create stand alone tests.
>> We could then just add these stand alone tests to the repo. This I think
>> is a worthwhile exercise if we can script it.
> This may not be best idea but here it is.

Well I am glad you had the best idea ;)

> I do maintain Linux Test
> Project that starts to get more attention lately and is actively used
> for QA testing for several major distributions.

Sorry I am unfamiliar with the tests that are part of LTP, do you care 
to elaborate?

Do the tests in LTP test against a specification/man page etc.? Is there 
a general focus of LTP or does LTP simply pick up tests that "come along"?

 From an LSB perspective any new tests that get developed would be tied 
to a "Problem Statement" with a defined solution. The test should verify 
that the solution is implemented and that it behaves as promised.

> So if there are tests that would match the purpose of LTP

Please elaborate on "purpose of LTP" it's a bit unfair to make us do all 
the look up and leg work to put the content into your e-mail.

> and if the
> tests were isolated to run separately we may add them to LTP too.

Thanks having more tests and having them easily accessible to 
distributions is certainly helpful to the overall quality of Linux 
distributions. LSB's primary focus is cross distribution compatibility, 
even in the new world. One could argue that distributions passing LTP 
tests are compatible, but I am not certain if this is necessary and 

> Some
> more work would be needed to make this happen. However if the tests
> would be included in LTP they will get into QA deparments in next LTP
> release and will be executed as a part of the distribution QA process.

Which distributions currently use LTP? Based on your statement and 
e-mail address I must assume that LTP is fully integrated into openQA. 
Where else is it used?


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