[lsb-discuss] Contributing to FHS 3.0

Scott Kostyshak skostysh at princeton.edu
Sun Aug 24 03:35:46 UTC 2014


Am I correct that this list is just as suitable as fhs-discuss to
discuss contributing to FHS 3.0?

Do I understand correctly that the most recent change [1] to the 3.0
draft was made on 20 Jan 2012?

The contributions I have in mind are minor in substance and are mostly
related to grammar and clarification. I just wanted to check in here
first to see what is the recommended way to provide a patch.



[1] http://bzr.linuxfoundation.org/loggerhead/lsb/devel/fhs-spec/changes

Scott Kostyshak
Economics PhD Candidate
Princeton University

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