[lsb-discuss] Ok im confused .... (LSB Certification of distro)

Jeff Licquia licquia at linuxfoundation.org
Mon Feb 3 20:35:08 UTC 2014

On 02/03/2014 06:29 AM, Gregory H. Nietsky wrote:
> Seems my kung fu is weak ...

Or our documentation kung-fu is weak. :-)

> im completely stumped ive built a linux distro from scratch git
> repository -> RPM/YUM.
> https://github.com/Distrotech
> this is quite simple compared to getting LSB too work.
> 1)lsb_release source code on SF is marked deprecated and links to
> linuxbase but i cant find the source anywhere on linuxbase. (i proceeded
> with the old source)

I believe we ended up abandoning our own lsb_release because the distros
have all ended up writing their own.

It's fine to use our old one as a base, but if it turns out to be too
flaky, feel free to grab Fedora's or openSUSE's and use that as a base
instead.  Or start from scratch; it's a fairly simple utility, and the
data it should output is fully specified:


> 2)distro check barfs requiring the lsb rpm i do not have a lsb package
> at all trying to fake it by creating one with lsb_release is not
> sufficient but does allow it to fire up and start the tests then fails
> in most spectacular way.

Again, we don't have a reference implementation of the lsb package,
because the details are too different between distros.

Basically, our goal with the lsb package is that, when you install it
and all its dependencies, you end up with all the pieces you need for
LSB applications to run.  Usually, this will include the LSB dynamic
linker, and a set of package dependencies which pull in everything else
(glibc, libX11, GTK+, etc.).

> my question is simple where is the source luke ....
> i would love to build and create a lsb package and proceed with the
> processes been told to "install vendor supplied" is not possible as it
> is not based on nor am i able to use 3d party binaries (other than
> inital bootstraping) [sure its a rule i made but its my party i make the
> rules].
> the linuxbase website has my head spinning even going through the bzr i
> could not find the required bits if you could help it will be most
> appreciated.

Yup; sounds like we need to add some docs here.  Would you say the above
is a complete list of the places where you couldn't figure out how to
make your distro work with the LSB?
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