[lsb-discuss] unofficial LSB conference call minutes for 12 Feb 2014

Mats Wichmann mats at wichmann.us
Thu Feb 13 15:42:35 UTC 2014

LSB teleconference

Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 @11:00 to noon, US ET
Where:	(605) 715-4920 Access Code: 512468
Gobby:	gobby -j lsb-temp.pmman.net:6522 with passwd: LSB
IRC channels are:
	#lsb-meeting at freenode.net during meetings
	#lsb at freenode.net most other times

in the form : name (organization)  [irc_nick]
Jeff Licquia (LF)  licquia
Robert Schweikert (SuSE)  robjo
Mats Wichmann (LSB)  mwichmann
Kay Tate (SuSE)  ktate
Rick Troth (Velocity Software) rickt

Russ Herrold (Owl River)  orc_emac

Posted Agenda:

 - LSB 5.0 beta status and bug fix status.
 - Google Summer of Code participation.

New business:

Meeting opens at 11:00 with:
There continue to be fixes to SDK (lsbcc) to combat bugs. We're getting
clean builds again now after several fixes - weekend autobuild exposed
one bug in the fixes, another previously-obscured bug in desktop-test.
Further testing by one of the bug submitters turned up another hole, and
he helpfully supplied a patch for that, which has been applied.

Some other changes in desktop-test: qt patches were old and were
applying with many lines offset. That's working (we apply with fuzz
argument), but patches rebased to make things cleaner. Several warnings
were squished, one had the potential to be a real problem (a pointer
was cast to an unsigned int, then operations done on it - changed to
used uintptr_t, a type guaranteed to be able have a pointer cast to it
without data loss).

Holdup in full set of beta builds continues to be behavior of the SDK
when built in "release mode", which would normally exclude 5.0, still
not marked as a released LSB version. Overriding that (but leaving
4.1 as the default target) is showing inconsistent behavior - a quick
reproducer being that misc-test builds on x86 and x64, but fails on
ppc32/64. Hard to understand why the same code could produce different

Meanwhile, s390 emulators (there are two of each now) are building, but
really slowly.

up-to-date spec always here: http://linuxbase.org/snapshotspecs/lsb/
spec is normally rebuilt at the end of each week, unless there's clearly
been no change. When beta is declared, a copy of the spec will also be
at the beta location, which is http://linuxbase.org/betaspecs/lsb/

Google Summer of Code page:

GSoC process is multi-stage. The deadline this week is to have enough
material to support Linux Foundation's application as a hosting
organization; it's not the absolute deadline for LSB-themed projects.
There's one project listed now, which is to write working C++ import
tools (and possibly extend the database schema if necessary), so that
C++ libraries can be imported easily. Qt uplift is badly overdue, as is
addition of Qt5 - but that would currently be way too time consuming.
Other ideas for projects welcome. Mats reminded (on mailing list) that
the idea of a student project is to have them get up to speed on a
project and expand their horizons by doing a discrete project which
expands the student's skills. "Clean up a mess" has a hard time looking
like an appealing project in that light, and many of LSB's needs are in
that category.

Call ends at local 11:30

Weekly Bug triage:
The LSB bug tracker is at: https://lsbbugs.linuxfoundation.org/
The FHS bug tracker is part of https://bugs.linuxfoundation.org/
(Not all filings refer to FHS.)

Bug triage occurs weekly: irc-only #lsb-meeting at freenode.net
*** FRIDAY* ** at 10:00 Eastern

LSB Bugzilla (lsbbugs) stats as of 12 Feb 2014:
588 open, 584 open last week, 581 assigned, 1 new, 6 pleasetest
New last 90 days: 29, last 30: 21; closed last 90: 28, last 30: 16
Changed this week: 7, last week: 12
Bugs that are assigned but have no milestone: 237, Rollup bugs: 26

FHS Bug (bugs) stats:
65 open FHS, 64 last week
36 assigned, 28 new, 1 reopened

last week's bug triage:

Buildbot and Reviewboard:

Next meeting:
19 Feb 2014 10:00 to 11:00, US ET

This document: LSB_minutes_20140212.txt

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