[lsb-discuss] unofficial LSB conference call minutes for 12 Feb 2014

Alexey Khoroshilov khoroshilov at ispras.ru
Fri Feb 14 18:17:10 UTC 2014

On 13.02.2014 07:42, Mats Wichmann wrote:
> Google Summer of Code page:
> http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/gsoc/2014-gsoc-lsb-projects
> GSoC process is multi-stage. The deadline this week is to have enough
> material to support Linux Foundation's application as a hosting
> organization; it's not the absolute deadline for LSB-themed projects.
> There's one project listed now, which is to write working C++ import
> tools (and possibly extend the database schema if necessary), so that
> C++ libraries can be imported easily. Qt uplift is badly overdue, as is
> addition of Qt5 - but that would currently be way too time consuming.
> Other ideas for projects welcome. Mats reminded (on mailing list) that
> the idea of a student project is to have them get up to speed on a
> project and expand their horizons by doing a discrete project which
> expands the student's skills. "Clean up a mess" has a hard time looking
> like an appealing project in that light, and many of LSB's needs are in
> that category.
I have added several projects devoted to improving LSB test coverage and

By the way, there is a couple of patches to LSB tests that were
developed during previous GSoC project and are not applied yet:


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