[lsb-discuss] LSB 3.2 requires /usr/bin/foomatic-rip: rationale?

Jeff Licquia licquia at linuxfoundation.org
Mon Jan 13 19:28:02 UTC 2014

On 01/10/2014 11:31 AM, Denis Silakov wrote:
> As I have already noted in a bug, maybe it makes sense to just drop path
> part? Most commands in LSB are specified without path
> (http://linuxbase.org/navigator/browse/command.php)

The problem is that the path is specifically required by CUPS.  More
importantly, the path specified in the standard is the wrong path.
Anyone who delivered foomatic-rip strictly as specified (without
providing it at the /usr/lib/cups/filters location) would likely end up
with a non-working foomatic-rip, at least concerning its most important
use (acting as part of a filter chain for printing documents).
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