[lsb-discuss] LinuxCon session proposal on new LSB

Kay Tate kayatate at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 14:55:28 UTC 2014

The session is on the Wait List. So in case we do need to make a
presentation, here is a first draft at the schedule.

Initial draft schedule for LinuxCon potential session on New LSB

June 16-20 Identify key messages and options
June 23-July 8 First drafts and tuning of slide set
July 9-25  Socialize messages and target language
     Need to accommodate vacations and busyness of LF people and other
July 28-31 Finalize slides
Aug 04 Send final slides
Aug 20 LinuxCon starts

It is spread out due to vacations. I'll have to check on everyone's
schedules whom we want to review it to be sure we have input in a timely
           -Kay T.
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