[lsb-discuss] Why python was chosen as a part of LSB?

Net Kgk netkgk at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 20:59:29 UTC 2014

Just googled this question and didn't find any sane explanation.

So, why this poorly designed language was made a part of LSB?
In my opinion, such crapy technologies as python along with system.d are
making bad reputation of Linux, so it must be a good reason.

After almost 3 years of using python, I can tell that it is good for
nothing. And only reason it is somehow popular that is aggressively
promoted by such companies as Google, Redhat and maybe less aggressively by

If you are not limited in your choice, you almost always will find better
solution for your tasks. You can refer to Luke Kanies to find out why he
did not chose python as development platform for Puppet, for example. And
he is absolutely right.

For the moment, it is still possible to install Linux server with no python
(the only tool that requires python is lsb-release itself and it is useless
almost always), but I can see that python is aggressively imposed more and
more, usually by putting small auxiliary tools, which can be easily
implemented in Bourne shell (even with no bash extension) in dependency
list, and the only motivation for doing that is that Python is a part of
LSB. May be it is time to admit that making python a part of LSB was bad
move and reverse it back.

Who knows, may be because of python Linux failed on desktops.
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