[lsb-discuss] Why python was chosen as a part of LSB?

Robert Schweikert rjschwei at suse.com
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On 06/09/2014 04:59 PM, Net Kgk wrote:
> Just googled this question and didn't find any sane explanation.
> So, why this poorly designed language was made a part of LSB? In my
> opinion, such crapy technologies as python along with system.d are 
> making bad reputation of Linux, so it must be a good reason.
> After almost 3 years of using python, I can tell that it is good
> for nothing. And only reason it is somehow popular that is
> aggressively promoted by such companies as Google, Redhat and maybe
> less aggressively by Canonical.
> If you are not limited in your choice, you almost always will find
> better solution for your tasks. You can refer to Luke Kanies to
> find out why he did not chose python as development platform for
> Puppet, for example. And he is absolutely right.
> For the moment, it is still possible to install Linux server with
> no python (the only tool that requires python is lsb-release itself
> and it is useless almost always), but I can see that python is
> aggressively imposed more and more, usually by putting small
> auxiliary tools, which can be easily implemented in Bourne shell
> (even with no bash extension) in dependency list, and the only
> motivation for doing that is that Python is a part of LSB. May be
> it is time to admit that making python a part of LSB was bad move
> and reverse it back.
> Who knows, may be because of python Linux failed on desktops.

Well, everyone has there own opinion about programing languages and
while your post certainly is good bait for a flame war with lost of
mud slinging I will not bite ;)

At the time Perl and Python were included the decision was mostly
based on their popularity and use by ISVs. It was also the goal to
potentially add other languages in the future.

Almost all distributions use Perl, Python, or some other scripting
languages for their setup tools, thus making those languages often
part of the default installation of the distribution. As to the
problem of pulling in Python or some other part of the LSB, you will
for example also pull in X when installing lsb on a system, that
problem was targeted to be addressed with the modularization in LSB 5.0


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