[lsb-discuss] Why python was chosen as a part of LSB?

Jeff Licquia licquia at linuxfoundation.org
Mon Jun 9 22:43:13 UTC 2014

On 06/09/2014 05:27 PM, Net Kgk wrote:
> I was using "official" Linus Torwald's vocabulary, nothing more (just
> kidding).
> System.d was only mentioned as an example of poorly designed technology.
> I don't believe in conspiracy, so I just want to know, why python is a
> part of LSB.

Assuming good faith (which, I'm aware, may be dangerous):

 - Python is popular, especially on Linux; every distro ships with
Python support.

 - Python is fairly well standardized; within each Python major version,
scripts generally just work with newer versions, and regressions are
treated as bugs.

 - Python upstream contributed to its inclusion.

I note that nothing in your missive gives me any reason to believe that
this was the wrong decision.  Indeed, it's remarkably evidence-free.
The closest you come is the cite of Luke Kanies, but sadly there's no link.

At the risk of prolonging a useless conversation, might I ask what your
goal was in making these comments?
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