[lsb-discuss] Wording proposal regarding modules.

Robert Schweikert rjschwei at suse.com
Wed Mar 19 14:26:27 UTC 2014

Maybe I am in left field but here it goes:

The LSB exposes modules to allow software to depend on specific parts of 
the LSB rather than on "everything at once." Each module contains a 
subset of LSB libraries that as a whole comprise the LSB. The 
modularization allows, for example applications with no graphical 
interface to only depend on LSB-Core and thus allowing users of this 
application to install only the LSB-Core module on the machine that 
hosts the application.

An application can be LSB certified if all external interfaces used by 
the application are satisfied in any one of the LSB modules. The 
application dependencies should then be specified accordingly.

A distribution must provide all interfaces specified as being part of 
the LSB in order to be LSB certified. The distribution may at it's 
choice expose the LSB modules through packages or may decide to provide 
the LSB interfaces as one package. In any event the distribution 
packaging system must resolve the following dependency names:


The lsb package may be a meta package that simply requires all 
lsb-MODULE packages, it must exist.

The table below outlines the relation of individual libraries to the LSB 
module names.


This should be in a "book" that is independent of any given module book 
or needs to be in the introductory section of each module book. I would 
favor on module independent book.


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