[lsb-discuss] Updated external workflow view and expanded reviewers language

Kay Tate kayatate at gmail.com
Tue May 27 22:18:57 UTC 2014

The pdf of the new workflow view is at the bottom of
It is intended to show the flow implied by the current statuses in the
template. It also points out where additional data is needed for who
decides when a cycle is completed. The git process corresponding to the
steps we end up with will also be interesting, since I don't think the
steps can be seen without actually opening up the specs to see the

There is a second modification of the audience list at
>From our LSB history, we have included more than just the distros on
reviews and input. We can choose to focus the new process or scope it back,
but we should all agree on the target audience(s).

            -Kay Tate
              ktate at linux.com
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