[lsb-discuss] State of LSB

Mats Wichmann mats at wichmann.us
Tue Oct 28 22:39:38 UTC 2014

On 10/18/14 09:09, Rob Conde wrote:
> Thanks for the response Mats...I was starting to wonder if there was anyone out there :)
> So some background. I'm looking at distributing a commercial application on linux in binary form only. Practically speaking I would probably only officially support a fixed set of distros/versions, but it would nice if the application worked on as many distros as possible. For these requirements LSB notionally seemed like a good fit.

it's been very quiet here, not least because I seem to have missed your
response when it came through.

this is the sort of problem LSB was intended to help with, yes.  I wish
I could be more positive - I see you're continuing to work on the issue,
whether it works or not depends a lot on what things the app needs to
use, because the LSB never gained the breadth of library coverage one
might like. I won't respond to the technical stuff in your message in
this reply, I'll try to take a look later.

once you reach some point where you're happy with your application,
whether or not that is as an "LSB binary", the application checker
should be useful, it has a mode where you can survey based on the
features the application uses which distributions it's likely to work
on.  We've recently updated the data to include distribution scans for
several newer high-profile distributions.

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