[lsb-discuss] decision making process?

Ludwig Nussel ludwig.nussel at suse.de
Fri Sep 5 08:29:58 UTC 2014

Robert Schweikert schrieb:
> On 08/29/2014 02:25 AM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
>> There's this proposal from May:
>> https://github.com/LinuxStandardBase/lsb/blob/master/documents/wip/userNaming.txt
>>   but no progress so far. What is the process to get this
>> finalized?
> Basically I am the stick in the mud at this point, sorry. There was an
> initial round of comment solicitation and those comments need to be
> digested w.r.t the current proposal. Changes applied if needed.
> After that is done the complete proposal should be solicited with the
> major distributions for comment (Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu).
> At this point I am the stick in the mud as I have had no time to
> digest the comments, but if you or anyone else has the time to go
> through the comments we received and make changes if needed that would
> be a big help. Otherwise I am afraid that this is going to sit in my
> corner at least until mid October.

Where can I find those comments?


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