[lsb-discuss] Trying to link libreadline.a, LSB 4.0 on SLES11

Dallman, John john.dallman at siemens.com
Wed Apr 20 13:12:27 UTC 2016

Mats wrote:

> it won't be in readline-devel, your next bits are on the right track,
> though:

> > I looked on SLES12, where there is a libtinfo.so.5, which comes from package
> > libncurses5-5.9-40.124.x86_64, and a libtinfo.a, which  comes from
> > ncurses-devel-5.9-40.124.x86_64. Both are in /usr/lib64.
> So either SLES11 doesn't provide a libtinfo at all, or it's part of some other
> package that I don't have installed. If there's a way to ask the package manager
> which un-installed package would provide a file, I have not been able to discover
> it. I've searched the package list on suse.com, and I can't see anything promising
> there.

> I think you're looking for something like:
> zypper search --provides --match-exact libtinfo.a
> I won't promise that's exactly the right syntax, but something like that, assuming
> SLES11 has zypper, that is.  My memory isn't that good.

SLES11 only has zypper 1.3.7, which lacks --provides.

I'm trying using SLES12, in the hope that I can learn to point its zypper to a SLES11
repository. The basic test is to find the package that supplies the libtinfo.a on
SLES12, which I can do with

$ zypper search --provides  /usr/lib64/libtinfo.a
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name          | Summary                                               | Type
i | ncurses-devel | Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development | package

So that works, now I have to find out what repository to use for SLES11sp1. This is all totally new to me; I have never actually installed Linux, at all.

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