[lsb-discuss] LSB SDK 5.0 and GCC 5.3.1

Mats Wichmann mats at wichmann.us
Tue Jan 26 20:02:54 UTC 2016

There's a tracker item for Gcc5 support. But no schedule. The message these days is a warning, so you should be able to proceed, though it will be a bit noisy.

On January 27, 2016 12:11:19 AM GMT+07:00, "Dallman, John" <john.dallman at siemens.com> wrote:
>I'm trying out Fedora 23, to make sure that my GCC-4 built libraries
>will run on the new GCC run-times. They certainly should, but testing
>beats any amount of "should".
>My development and testing environment uses lsbcc and lsbc++ as its
>compiler commands. I have the latest LSB SDK for x86-64,
>but running /opt/lsb/bin/lsbcc
>produces the message 'unrecognized gcc version: "5.3.1"'
>Will there be a new issue of the SDK that handles this?
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