[lsb-discuss] About lsb Certification

史晶 shijing at kylinos.cn
Tue Sep 6 06:49:53 UTC 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,
    I had sent several emails to lf_lsbcert at lists.linux-foundation.org, but did not have any reply. So I need some help in here.
    It happened like this. 
    I had passed the Certification test, and submitted results, and signed the LSB Trademark License Agreement (TMLA).
    So I followed the tips sending email to lf_lsbcert at lists.linux-foundation.org for receiving information about payment procedure and bank details.(https://www.linuxbase.org/lsb-cert/product.php?view&kind=distr&id=405). 
    A month has passed, and I haven't received any reply.
    I really need your help.

Sincerely yours
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