[Lsb-infrastructure] Adding C++ libs to LSB

Vladimir Rubanov vrub at ispras.ru
Thu Jul 12 06:16:21 PDT 2007


we have been working on the C++ problem for a few months. We are trying to
re-import Qt3 as a practical example. First, we updated the DB schema for
storing C++ data with additional details to enable correct headers
generation (generation scripts are updated accordingly). Then, we are
struggling with populating these new tables with full Qt3 data. We had to
develop a couple of new tools for automating some steps, though there are
still manual analytical actions required. We are almost done with Qt3 - the
new schema and "clean and complete" Qt3 data have been scheduled for the
coming release.

Meanwhile, the importing process is not well tuned and the tools developed
are not of production quality. The "Qt3 re-import project" was rather for
"reconnaissance" purpose. But now we are going to use the experience for
developing the production framework for importing C++ libraries, which will
include new tools + guidelines for combining them with manual analytical
steps. Afterwards, we are going to check the framework on practical
re-import of Qt4 (and possibly libstdc++) data and finally publish it for
the community use. But this will require months. I hope we'll be able to add
new C++ libraries for LSB 4.0 with the help of this new framework.


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> There's been some talk of adding libGLU to LSB.
> Putting aside the merits of such a suggestion,
> which seem considerable...  does this list have a
> sense of whether the tools are anywhere near ready
> to import a C++ library?  We don't have a very
> good track record with C++ libraries; libstdc++
> was done very painfully over several iterations
> and probably still isn't done right, and the only
> other C++ libraries are the Qt ones which it has
> been reported have several problems, and which were
> effectively done (a) outside the LSB core group
> and (b) done by someone with expert knowledge of
> the library being imported.
> -- mats
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