[Lvfs-announce] LVFS 1.2.0

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 16:08:54 UTC 2020

Hi all,

First, a big thank you: Last week we hit the 16 million downloads mark
on the LVFS, which is awesome. The number of downloads and also the
number of OEM uploads is increasing linearly month-on-month and we now
have over 80 vendors that have uploaded over 4000 firmware files, of
which ~2000 are available to the public. That's >25GB of firmware!

I've tagged 1.2.0 of the lvfs-website code. Whilst tagged releases for
webapps are not terribly useful to end-users (as we tend to deploy
straight away to fix serious bugs) having the release checkpointed
does make verifying things like corporate deployment upgrades much
easier. The main thing of note is that we've now moved away from cron
jobs and are using celery for async operations. From a user point of
view the only change will be that a lot of the actions that you used
to wait 5 minutes to complete are now done almost instantly. The
restrictions on regenerating stable and testing remotes are still in
place for CDN performance reasons.

If anyone notices anything that's not working correctly (e.g. firmware
that's not being signed within a few seconds, or tests that get
"stuck" for more than a few minutes) please let me know. As we scale
up I'll be adding more workers to the pool so that tasks like the yara
queries can happen on a completely different (and more powerful)
machine. The detailed changelog can be found here:


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