[Netem] duplicate packets

srg srgqwerty at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 12:25:02 PST 2006


Thanks for reading this.
I am running linux2.6 kernel and have a bridge in interfaces eth1 and eth2.
brctl add b
brctl addif b eth1
brctl addif b eth2
ifconfig b up

At this point the bridge is ok and running.
I need that the traffic going through the bridge is delayed, so:

# tc qdisc add dev eth1 root netem delay 100ms
# tc qdisc add dev eth2 root netem delay 100ms

After that, tc qdisc show, outputs the following about eth1 and eth2 interfaces (tc qdisc show):
qdisc netem 8001: dev eth1 limit 1000 delay 100.0ms duplicate 93.8788%
qdisc netem 8002: dev eth2 limit 1000 delay 100.0ms duplicate 93.8788%

But, looking at the traffic with a sniffer, it seems that NO packet duplication occurs at all.
What is the meaning of "duplicate 93.8788%" ?
How can I configure this value to "0%" ?

Thanks and best regards

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