[Netem] Network emulator for testing a distributed algorithm

Tri M. Tran ttran at cems.uvm.edu
Tue Jun 5 09:37:45 PDT 2007



My name is Tri Tran. I'm a graduate student. I don't have much knowledge
about computer networks and my research is about distributed database. 


I'm currently looking for a network emulator that I can test my distributed
database algorithm. I wonder if I can use netem to simulate a WAN network
and run applications over the network. Say, the WAN network has three nodes,
the distributed algorithm runs and sends data among the three nodes. I want
to monitor the data received at each node and measure the execution time of
the algorithm. 


Would someone advice me if I can do the task with netem? If yes, could you
please suggest me how to do it? If no, could you recommend me some network
simulator that is more appropriate for the task?


Thank you. I'll wait for your responses.



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