[Netem] changing delay in relation with packet size - patching netem sources

Luca luca at lodi.linux.it
Tue Jun 12 02:55:13 PDT 2007

Stephen Hemminger wrote:

> You have some obvious units issues. The delay is in that location
> is represented in psched clock units (varies depending on kernel

ok, I tried to do, but which variable/struct contain that units? I don't 

> configuration), and the skb->len is in bytes. You will need to
> have some rate parameter or constant to convert from length to
> time.  If you assume a slow network
> (1 Mbit/sec) a full size packet (1500 bytes) will come out 12ms.

I don't understand, sorry, can you explain me which constant did you use?

thank you,


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