[Openais] aisexec causing significant idle load

Mark Haverkamp markh at osdl.org
Tue Oct 5 08:18:22 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 07:36, Janne Karhunen wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 October 2004 17:26, Mark Haverkamp wrote:
> > > Once started, load is ~25% on 700MHz Pentium 3M and 5% on 2.0
> > > GHz Pentium M. After two days of running, load on the P3M has
> > > increased to nearly ~50% and on PM to ~10%. Does this happen
> > > to anyone else?
> >
> > I just checked on my setup.  I have 4 dual 800mhz PIII.  Aisexec uses
> > about 20% after I start it up.
> Keep it up, so you can probably see it steadily increasing.
> May take a while though. Any ideas whats causing this?

Not for sure, I assume that there is some activity involved with passing
the token and keeping the cluster alive.  I don't know if that accounts
for all the time used though.  We probably should run aisexec with
profiling to see where it is spending its time.


Mark Haverkamp <markh at osdl.org>

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