[Openais] Corosync and OpenAIS compatibility

Carlos xavier cbastos at connection.com.br
Tue Mar 13 02:38:05 UTC 2012


I´m building a cluster on Slackware 13.37 64 bit. The intent is to have
OCFS2 over DRBD and on top of this to have Mysql running on the clustered
file system. We have an very old setup of this system using heartbeat based
on the Ultramonkey project.


Now we want to move forward Pacemaker. I´m following the steps of build from
source, this paper says that for running OCFS2, OpenAIS is needed.

I was compiling the latest version of all programs, but when I tried to
compile the last version of OpenAIS having the Corosync version 1.99.7
installed, I found out that OpenAIS wont compile. Taking a look on the log I
searched for the files causing the trouble and I realized that it needs
Corosync version 1.2.1 although on the OpenAIS home page says “(depends on
Corosync 1.X.Y)”.


Since OpenAIS is not on development anymore the question is, the new version
of Corosync  somehow replaces OpenAIS?  With the latest version of Corosync,
people wanting to run OCFS2 do not need OpenAIS anymore?


Tank you for your attention.





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