[patent-peerreview] Prior Art Upload

Rob Cameron cameron at cs.sfu.ca
Sat Oct 27 09:37:41 PDT 2007

The Patent Peer Review concept is an important initiative.   However,
the current peertopatent.org website discourages serious participation
in a number of ways.  Prior Art Upload is one of them.

1.  I just attempted to upload an RFC document of the Internet Engineering
Task Force as an item for the examiner to consider.   IETF RFCs are an
important source of prior art in the TC 2100 areas.   These documents
are published in a plain text format that the IETF chose to be compatible with
the widest variety of technology platforms.    However, peertopatent.org
refuses to take such documents.  Here is the message I received.

   WARNING! No prior art file was uploaded. You must upload a printable copy
   of the prior art so that this prior art can be forwarded to the USPTO.
   Please provide this as soon as possible. Formats supported are:
   pdf, doc and rtf.

2.  Copyright issue.   What are the copyright implications of prior art upload?
As a site concerned with one form of intellectual property, the site should
provide guidance on this.

3.  The pilot project could really be helped by having a library science student
who could assist in proper bibliographic citation and upload.

Robert D. Cameron, Ph.D.
Professor of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University

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