[Printing-architecture] FSG Printing Diagram - 10,000,000ft view

Norm Jacobs Norm.Jacobs at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 12 12:41:05 PDT 2002

I ran this by Pete and he suggested that I send it out.


The drawing I attached is in line with the level that I was
hoping we would start with.  I may have oversimplified some of
of it and maybe we need more detail than I have provided.  It's
missing things, but it highlights the interfaces we are working.

        This could be CLI/GUI applications run by users that
        interact with the print service.  It may also include
        server side protocol implementations/gateways (e.g.. rfc-1179,
        IPP, SMB, ...)
        Job ticket generation (possibly processing)

        Job/Printer/Spooler Interface for Applications.  The
        implementation(s) of this API incorporate Print Service
        specific information (protocol, spooler, etc.)


Print Service

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