[Printing-architecture] There will be a FSG Arch meeting on Wed Jan 11th

Claudia Alimpich alimpich at us.ibm.com
Tue Jan 10 07:37:24 PST 2006

There will be an Open Printing conference call Wed January 11th.

Day: Wednesdays 
12:00-1:00 PM US Pacific time 
1:00-2:00 PM US Mountain time 
3:00-4:00 PM US Eastern time 
9:00-10:00 PM Paris time 
USA Toll Number: 1-484-630-2765 
PASSCODE: 84974 

During this meeting, we will discuss whether we should participate in 
face-2-face meeting in conjunction with a PWG and/or the Open Printing 
Summit. We will also work on another sequence diagrams.


Following is the current version (from the Dec 14th meeting) of the 
sequence diagrams:

High level sequence diagram of Print Manager initialization, where the 
sequence of steps is as follows: 
1. User or system invokes Print Manager 
2. Print Manager reads configuration profile from local or networked data 
store (location of AAA, printers/queues that it is serving, fonts, media, 
transform capabilities, printer capabilities and information, etc) 
3. Print Manager authenticates invoking user or system 
4. Print Manager invokes Device Discovery
5. Print Manager calls Device Discovery to subscribe for new (created) 
printer events 
6. Print Manager invokes Status Monitor 
7. Print Manager calls Status Monitor to subscribe for current printer 
states, all printer events, and current job status for printers from the 
configuration profile 
8. Print Manager calls Capabilities to determine current printer 
capabilites for each printer 
9. Print Manager recovers saved jobs and initializes its queues 
10. Print Manager calls Spooler to initiate job scheduling 
11. Print Manager calls AAA informing AAA that Print Manager is available 
12. The next steps are normal print operation as described in the Job 
Submission sequence diagram 

High level sequence diagram for job submission, where the sequence of 
steps is as follows: 
1. User invokes application 
2. User selects print options and submits print request to Print Manager 
3. Print Manager calls AAA to authenticate user 
4. Print Manager calls Job Ticketing to parse job ticket (if necessary) 
5. Print Manager validates job attributes and job ticket content using 
stored capabilites 
6. Print Manager calls AAA to authorize capabilites allowed for user 
7. Print Manager determines if data in job must be transformed, and if so 
calls Transform to convert job data 
8. Print Manager places print data, job attributes, job ticket (if any) in 
Spooler for scheduling 
9. Print Manager sends job to the Driver 
10. Print Manager calls Status Monitor to monitor specific printer for 
printer and job events 
11. Driver calls Capability to check printer capabilities against job 
attributes and job ticket 
12. Driver applies job attributes and job ticket (if any) to print data 
13. Driver converts print data to printer ready format 
14. Driver sends printer ready print data to PCM   
15. PCM forwards printer ready print data Printer 
16. Once Driver has sent all print data to PCM, Driver informs Printer 
Manager that all print data has been sent 
17. Status Monitor tells Print Manager that job has completed 
18. Print Manager removes job from Spooler 
19. Print Manager calls SM to stop monitoring specific printer 
20. Print Manager calls AAA informing that job is complete 

We also need sequence diagrams for the following: 
1. Print Manager registers to receive updates on new printers and printer 
capabilities (Dynamic discovery of a new printer). Added this as steps 4 
and 5 in Print Manager intializatoin sequence diagram)
2. Capabilities periodically updates printer capabilities (target is Print 
3. Status Monitor initialization (do this later, will most likely be 
pretty basic and boring)
4. Device Discovery initalization
5. etc ...
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