[Printing-architecture] Re: [printing-announce] FSG Face to face / Desktop printing meeting

Osamu MIHARA mihara.osamu at fxpsc.co.jp
Thu Jan 12 22:40:46 PST 2006


We, japan team, are aware of the printing summit in April.
I think the OpenPrinting team should attend the meeting and also would 
like to have openprinting f2f meeting just before the summit meeting.

Some member in Japan are planning to attend the meeting.  I will let you 
know later.
(Although, I'm not sure if I could attend it as I'm moving in the 
begging of April. May is better for me...)

on 2006/01/10 10:42 Norm Jacobs said the following:
> On the OSDL desktop architects list, A few weeks ago, Till suggested that
> there be a printing summit in the US, on the east coast, some time this
> spring instead of having a printing group at the Libre Software meeting
> in July in France.
> The OSDL Desktop Printing group is in the process of planning this meeting
> somewhere on the east coast of the US in either March or April of this 
> year.
> At our FSG OpenPrinting steering committe meeting this evening, we 
> discussed
> making this a FSG open printing face to face meeting as well.  And if that
> isn't enough, I understand, that the PWG was planning a face to face 
> meeting
> on the east coast in that time frame and they would like to make this a 
> joint
> meeting.
> If you are interested in attending, please fill out the survey at
>    http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=WEB224WDCE5A4K
> This will help to pin down the exact time and location of the meeting.
> Also, there will be a planning teleconference this Wednesday 9AM PST to
> discuss time/location/agenda/...
>  Call Time: Wednesday, January 11, 9:00AM (Pacific)
>  Tollfree: 1-800-211-0633
>  Toll: 1-719-8670485
>  Passcode: 951064
>     -Norm
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