[Printing-architecture] Request for comment to PCM draft

Ide Kentaro Ide.Kentaro at exc.epson.co.jp
Sun Feb 5 16:38:20 PST 2006

Hi, folks,

I posted link of PCM draft document to OpenPrinting web site.

I would like you to comment these documents with two viewpoints.

	1. Architecture
		If you predict that a problem occurs to your system with this architecture,
		point out the problem, please.

	2. License
		My questions are "Which license is better for us?" and
		"As for we should we select the license that was unified
		with all the Open Printing documents? ".

		We chose BSD like license to PCM specification, today.
		But some other documents chose another license as FDL.
		One of the license of a BSD derivation may be easy to accept,
		in the case that the application in business with one,
		although it is natural to use FDL and the licenses of
		other GNU derivations, if I think with the position
		that says FSG.
		So, comment your idea about license of these documents, please.

Best regards,
Kentaro Ide
VA Design Engineering  Group
Seiko Epson Corp.

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