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New very good article introducing Internationalization
concepts from the W3C I18N GEO group - recommended.

Perfect for product managers, development managers,
programmers and others who need to learn about I18N.

If you're a printer vendor, please forward this to the
people who design/implement your imbedded web page.

- Ira

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The GEO Working Group has published the article:

	Internationalization Quick Tips for the Web
	By Richard Ishida

This set of Quick Tips is aimed at helping newcomers to Web
internationalization. The quick tips summarize important concepts related to
international Web design in a similar way to the popular WAI Quick Tips.
These tips are not complete guidelines, they are simply a few key concepts
to bear in mind. The page also links to supporting material, where
available, at the W3C's Internationalization Activity subsite.

The document is linked from the new Getting Started page that also explains
various ways to find information on the W3C Internationalization subsite,
and points to some key definitions. 

The "Getting Started" page and these quick tips aim to provide newcomers
with a gentle pathway into the many and varied resources on the site, rather
than expecting them to work out for themselves how to get an overview of the
topic and decide which of the resources to read first. These pages do not go
through the review stages typical of technical articles, and will be
modified and improved over the weeks following their publication.

Any comments should be sent to www-international at w3.org

You can find various news filters and RSS feeds relating to the work of the
Internationalization Activity at

Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)


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