[Printing-architecture] Minutes from FSG Arch meeting held on March 8th

Claudia Alimpich alimpich at us.ibm.com
Wed Mar 8 13:21:11 PST 2006

Claudia Alimpich (IBM)
Ira McDonald (High North Inc.)
Norm Jacobs (Sun)
Till Kamppeter (Till Kamppeter)

We talked about the OSDL Printing Summit to be held in Atlanta 4/10-4/12.

Ira will request a time slot for Norm to present an overview of FSG 

We need to create slides to present during the OSDL Printing Summit.

Ira will put together an outline of the 6-8 slides for the OSDL Printing 
Summit describing the FSG projects. 

Monday 3/13 - FSG Steering committee will review Ira's outline.

Wednesday 3/15 - FSG Arch working group will create the actual slides from 
Ira's outline.

Wednesday 3/22 - FSG Arch working group meeting is cancelled.

Wednesday 3/29 - If needed, FSG Arch working group will finish up the 

Monday 4/3 - FSG Steering committee will the review slides.

Wednesday 4/5 - FSG Arch working gorup will perform last review of slides.

Please update your calendars to reflect the above schedule changes.

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