[Printing-architecture] Meeting minutes - Wed May 3rd

Claudia Alimpich alimpich at us.ibm.com
Wed May 3 13:31:13 PDT 2006

Claudia Alimpich (IBM)
Glen Petrie (Seiko-Epson, Inc.)
Ian Murdock (FSG)
Ira McDonald (High North Inc.)
Norm Jacobs (Sun)

LSB 3.1 is now out the door. LSB 3.2 will be available in 12 months. The 
plan for LSB 4.0 is 22 months (2Q08). 

There will be a planning meeting during the USENIX conference to discuss 
the content of Linux Standard Base in 3.2 and 4.0 on June 1 & 2 in Boston. 
Anything that was identified during OSDL Printing Summit that is limiting 
Linux Printing should be discussed. 

LSB 3.2 is nearer term and nothing major can be added to it. The focus 
should be on installation with regard to Linux printing. This may not be 
something that FSG can help too much with since we have not been focusing 
in this area. We could provide a summary of the discussion that occurred 
during the OSDL Printing Summit regarding the problems of installation and 
recommended solutions. Ira will put together an outline that we can talk 
about and put into slides during our next meeting in 2 weeks. Then we can 
post the slides to the desktop_printing mailing list to solicit comments.

LSB 4.0 should focus on including more open printing standards by using 
APIs. In particular some of the APIs defined by FSG Open Printing. FSG We 
should put together 6-8 slides with the vision. We can use some of our 
existing FSG Open Printing slides for this presentation. 

Ira may be able to attend the LSB planning meeting. If not we may have to 
ask Till or Waldo to present the slides if either of them are planning to 

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