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The PWG Steering Committee has approved two new related
(but independent) projects in the PWG MIBs WG:

(1) MFP Alerts (and SNMP Traps) extension to Printer MIB v2
     (a) new enumerations for the PrtAlertGroupTC (for scanner)
     (b) new enumerations for the PrtAlertCodeTC (if needed)
     - Ron Bergman, editor
     - when registered with IANA, these new enumerations will
       allow immediate alerts (including description and severity)
       for subunits of other "devices" in an MFP (scanner, etc.).

(2) Imaging System MIB that corresponds to WIMS object model
     (a) Groups - System, Service, Device (optional), and Subunits
     (b) Simple content - state, description, links to HR and Prt MIBs
     - Ira McDonald, editor

A draft of the IS MIB is posted at:


When the IS MIB is finished, the group references in prtAlertTable
will resolve to actual state/state-message/description variables.

- Ira

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The PWG Steering Committee has approved two new projects of the PMP Working
Group. Ron Bergman (PMP Chairman) has posted a schedule with milestones. =

ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/pmp/ProjectSchedules/MFP-PRINTER-MIB-PROJECT.pdf =

The two approved projects are   =

1. MFP Alerts - a tactical extension of the Printer MIB to include Basic MFP
alerts =

2. Imaging System MIB for MFP Services (devices optional) =

Ira has posted a proposed MFD MIB draft. =

pwg.org/pub/pwg/pmp/wd/wd-pmpimagingmib10-20060418.mib =

A third project has been postponed until further definition of the
requirements. =

3. Extensions to IETF Host Resources MIB to address MFP devices, including
new device types for Scan, Fax etc and extension of
hrPrinterDetectedErrorState. =

Proposals and participation related to these new projects are being
solicited. Please respond to PMP at PWG.ORG. Please DO NOT reply to
"pwg-announce". =

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Harry Lewis =

Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems =

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