[Printing-architecture] Draft idea of PCM's error codes

Ide Kentaro Ide.Kentaro at exc.epson.co.jp
Mon May 15 09:31:18 PDT 2006

Hi, all,

I attach draft idea of error codes for PCM.
These code will be return via fsgpcmIOError();

At the present, printing-japan team start discussion about this error code.
Please reffer PCM draft and this error code, give us comment or suggestions.

Kentaro Ide

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PCM_ERROR_PARAM         Invalid parameters
			This error will be return when using un-supported

PCM_ERROR_NOSUPPORT     Invalid control command
			This error will be return when using un-supported
			control command.

PCM_ERROR_NOOPEN        Plug-in is not opened
			This error will be return when other function is
			called before call the function fsgpcmOpen()

PCM_ERROR_NOJOB         Plug-in don't have any Job
			This error will be return when using Job operational
			control commands although don't send Jobs.

PCM_ERROR_NOCONNECT     Error on connection with file descriptor *Fatal*
			This error will be return when can't read/write to
			File Descriptor (FD) with something reason include
			protocol mismatch.

PCM_ERROR_NOMEM         Can't allocate memory.

PCM_ERROR_SIGNAL        Interrupted by signal

PCM_ERROR_BUSY          Plug-in is busy
			This error will be return when Plug-in is busy.
			While this code is returned, Plug-in can't apply
			print data.
			Upper layer must wait certain period of time and

These codes depend on implementation method.

PCM_ERROR_2NDOPEN       If implementation need the error code that occur when fsgpcmOpen
			called although already called fsgpcmOpen.

PCM_ERROR_INTR          When we chose time-out method to PCM spec., this code will be return
			with signal before time-out.

			If the PCM of future version don't have backword compatibility,
			this code will be return when PCM can't start communication with
			older version's Plug-in.

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