[Printing-architecture] Re: [Desktop_printing] Deprecate IJS? GhostScript with only "opvp" as output device?

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Mon May 15 17:24:12 PDT 2006

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> I also did not want to simply take it away, but simply hear opinions. We
> must at first observe how well the new opvp is going and perhaps see in
> real live were it needs to be improved. One thing which opvp most
> probably does not have yet is KRGB, which is important for economic
> handling of black and colored ink or toner.
> Vector drivers are most interesting for laser printers who do not do
> PostScript but do another high-level language (PCL for example, but also
> the ESC/Page of the Epson EPL non-"L" and AcuLaser printers).
> For inkjet printers and fax machines raster drivers based on IJS or CUPS
> raster are just fime. Raster devices are probably not accelerated by
> using opvp. Here the only benefit is reducing the number of different
> interfaces.
> So for now it is perhaps best to keep the three interfaces and observe
> there developemt and drop only GhostScript built-in. Perhaps it should
> also be avoided to make a raster driver CUPS-raster-only but better let
> it have both the CUPS raster and opvp or IJS interface as BSD and
> Solaris do not use CUPS as default spooler.

Keep in mind that nothing prevents you from using CUPS raster with
Sun's LP spooler or any other non-CUPS print spooler - you just need
to provide a wrapper script (simpler than Foomatic) that runs the
corresponding CUPS filters.  That is, in fact, the way the
predecessor to CUPS worked on HP-UX, IRIX, and Solaris...

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