[Printing-architecture] Meeting notes for 2006-05-17 / LSB 3.2 recommendation

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Wed May 17 16:07:18 PDT 2006

Norm Jacobs wrote:
>    Installation Locations
>       PPD
>          /usr/share/ppd/{supplier}/{manufacturer}-{model}.ppd
>             where whitespace and dash(-) are replaced with with
> unserscore(_)
>             supplier is the ppd file supplier (gutenprint, hplip, cups,
> epson,
>                                                hp, ...)
>             manufacturer is the print manufacturer name from the IEEE 1284
>                          Device ID
>             model is the printer model from the IEEE 1284 Device ID
>          Eg.
> /usr/share/ppd/gutenprint/Hewlett_Packard-hp_color_LaserJet_4650.ppd
>             /usr/share/ppd/HP/Hewlett_Packard-hp_color_LaserJet_4650.ppd

As some suppliers could have more than one PPD file for the same
printer, for example Foomatic PPDs can exist for one printer used with
different drivers, I suggest to add the driver or whatever is different
in the PPD after the model, separated by another dash. This should
optional but not required. In addition, there should be a directory
level between supplier and PPD for the language:

/usr/share/ppd/{supplier}/{lang}/{manufacturer}-{model}-{extra info}.ppd

          extra-info can be the driver name or anything else which
          distiguishes PPDs for the same printer model. Spaces have
          to be replaced by underscores, as usual.



>    Possibly require/recommend foomatic for LSB 3.2

Another question: What is "Linux Standards Base" really about? Only
LINUX or also BSD, Solaris, ...

In case of only Linux we could even require CUPS ...



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