[Printing-architecture] directory structure / file name conve ntions

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Staying conformant to FHS (required for LSB conformance)
appears to need some significant thought and modifications
to our previous FSG/OP concensus (see Wendy Phillips' note

For those having trouble finding the authoritative source
for the FHS spec (I did), below is the home page:


The most recent release is v2.3 (29 January 2004) - there
are links for PDF, PS, HTML, etc. versions of FHS/2.3 on
the above web page.

Does anyone know if there is work-in-progress for a newer
version of FHS?  Thirty months is a long time in computers.

I don't think the FSG/OP should recommend a hierarchy std
for printing that is broken across the 'shipped with system'
versus 'later vendor packages'.  But I suspect that's just
what Debian, SUSE, and others want, for security reasons.


- Ira

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> >Some questions:
> >
> >- Should we also have similar alternatives for 
> /usr/lib/print-drivers/?
> >Theoretically driver could be put anywhere with absolute 
> paths in PPDs,
> >but for enhanced security environments it is important to 
> have them at
> >determined places and also for the drivers themselves we must be FHS
> >compliant.
> Yes. I was just focusing on the PPD files because I thought I 
> should get
> the idea out first.
> >- Can we use /opt/printing instead of /opt/openprinting, as the
> >drivers/PPDs do not come from FSG OpenPrinting.
> It's really supposed to be /opt/<vendor>. I think /opt/openprinting
> would be in the spirit of that, but /opt/printing would require some
> discussion with the FHS.
> >- "/usr is shareable, read-only data" for me would only mean 
> that while
> >running programs this should not be written, but software 
> packages can
> >be installed here. Is there another clause in the FHS 
> telling that only
> >software of the OS distribution can be installed here?
> This is just the understanding I have from Debian developers who are
> held to the FHS standard. They told me that /usr is read-only, but you
> can write to it to update things that are there already. It's
> questionable whether new packages can be written there, but 
> an OS vendor
> can probably get away with installing things in /usr on their own OS.
> >- There is still one problem with integrating these directories with
> >CUPS: If a printer needs a special backend for the low-level
> >communication, like for example the "hp" CUPS backend for the HP
> >printers used with HPLIP, dropping them into something like
> >/usr/lib/print-drivers/<supplier>/ will not work, as CUPS 
> looks only in
> >/usr/lib/cups/backend and absolute paths as device URI are not
> possible.
> > How can one solve this problem.
> Todd
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