[Printing-architecture] The English OpenPrinting Vector specs

Ide Kentaro Ide.Kentaro at exc.epson.co.jp
Mon Jul 17 18:29:57 PDT 2006


Maybe you said about my mail that request for comments for PCM draft.
If my understanding is correct, you can find out ther name, Glen and Olaf,
 and their mail address in participant list of "Printing-Japan" ML.

On the other hand, I explain simply the back of my mail,
I asked them checking the PCM draft directly at outside of ML
before announcement PCM draft's review.
Glen is my workfellow and the member of steering committee.
Olaf is one of the people who can understanding Japanese and English.

Kentaro Ide
VA Design Engineering  Group
Seiko Epson Corp.

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| I noticed on the Japanese mailing list that they're waiting 
| for comments on their draft of the English specs for 
| OpenPrinting vector from a "Glenn" and an "Olaf." I'm not 
| sure who those people are, but I thought I'd just prod people 
| here just in case.
| Thanks,
| Todd
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