[Printing-architecture] resend notes from last week

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 12:46:02 PDT 2006

Wendy Phillips wrote:
> Apparently, this didn't go out to the alias; could be that I fumbled
> it on the keyboard. So here tis again ...
> I have purposely not included the follow-on discussions about fhs standard;
> this is a summary of the meeting as it occurred.
> -Wendy
> 1. Installation path for ppd files
>          /usr/share/ppd/<supplier>/<manufacturer>/
> 2. PPD file naming convention
>          <MFGString>-<MDLString>-<driver>-<language>.ppd
> 3. Installation path for print drivers
>          /usr/lib/printdrivers/<supplier>
>          The contents of this directory are entirely determine
>          by the supplier. The path to a driver is found by using
>          an absolute path in the ppd file.

Paths in /usr to accomodate 3rd-party software do not comply the FHS
standard. Therefore alternative paths were suggested in other threads.
But note that CUPS violates FHS, too, as CUPS requires drivers in

> 4. It was agreed that install scripts be written in Bourne Shell
> without any extensions.


Is there a compliance test program to check whether one has no bashisms
in the scripts?

> 5.  We decided to eliminate /usr/lib/printdrivers/bin

OK, with absolute paths in the PPDs this is not needed.


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