[Printing-architecture] resend notes from last week

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Mon Jul 24 07:54:10 PDT 2006

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> ...
> Does this mean that putting a third-party CUPS filter into
> /usr/lib/cups/filter/ is no violation of FHS?

Technically yes, since they aren't part of the standard printing
system.  That said, there is a long history of putting drivers
(or interface scripts, or filters, etc.) in /usr/share, so it
might make sense to add a grandfather clause for this, or make
it one of several possible directories - OS vendors put them in
/usr/share, other vendors in /opt/printing/share, local drivers
in /usr/local/share, etc.

> Would then putting a driver and its PPD into the directories
> /usr/share/ppd/<supplier>/<manufacturer>/
> and
> /usr/lib/printdrivers/<supplier>
> because these directories are a core part of the OS?
> Or do we still need the alternative location /opt/printing/?

I'd say to support both - /usr for OS-supplied stuff, /opt and
/usr/local for locally-installed stuff.

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