[Printing-architecture] resend notes from last week

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 14:38:39 PDT 2006

Fujinaka, Todd wrote:
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>>Till Kamppeter wrote:
>>>Does this mean that putting a third-party CUPS filter into
>>>/usr/lib/cups/filter/ is no violation of FHS?
>>Technically yes, since they aren't part of the standard printing
>>system.  That said, there is a long history of putting drivers
>>(or interface scripts, or filters, etc.) in /usr/share, so it
>>might make sense to add a grandfather clause for this, or make
>>it one of several possible directories - OS vendors put them in
>>/usr/share, other vendors in /opt/printing/share, local drivers
>>in /usr/local/share, etc.
> It is my understanding that /usr/share shouldn't change. I think Till is
> forgetting that CUPS is included by the distro, so having things in
> /usr/share/CUPS at install time is not a problem.

But third-party CUPS drivers go into /usr/lib/cupss/filter and
/usr/share/cups/model. So there is third-party software which goes into

>>>Would then putting a driver and its PPD into the directories
>>>because these directories are a core part of the OS?
>>>Or do we still need the alternative location /opt/printing/?
>>I'd say to support both - /usr for OS-supplied stuff, /opt and
>>/usr/local for locally-installed stuff.
> It is my understanding nothing should be installed into /usr while the
> system is running normally. There are times when packages are updated,
> but I think the assumption is that updates are not happening during
> "normal use." Also, /usr is the domain of the distro and I doubt they
> want you to touch it without their OK.
So third-party CUPS drivers are violating the standards currently, due
to requirements of CUPS.


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