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Fujinaka, Todd todd.fujinaka at intel.com
Tue Jul 25 08:25:14 PDT 2006

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>At 2006/7/25 15:06+0200  Till Kamppeter writes:
>> Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
>> > it's possible we could conceive a less scattered scheme for
>> > printer drivers - I'm envisioning something like reserving
>> > /opt/printing with LANANA, then providing a way to manage
>> > that namespace so it can be shared, perhaps through a second
>> > registry.
>> >
>> This means that if LANANA registers /opt/printing we can agree on
>> the pair
>> /opt/printing/ppd/<supplier>/<manufacturer>/
>> /opt/printing/drivers/<supplier>/
>> as the only PPD/driver directories?
>So am I correct in assuming that the files if shipped as part
>of a distribution normally go into:
>If there is distro agreement here, we should get this put into the FHS
>as well.
>I'm not convinced that we need to add /opt/printing
>The /opt/<vendor> technique should still work, and for convenience
>symlinks can be created in /opt/share/ppd and /opt/lib/drivers to the
>actual files. If you use LANANA, strictly speaking you could just
>install straight into /opt/share and /opt/lib because you know there
>won't be any clashes, but I'd still strongly recommend using symlinks
>instead as it keeps the design simpler and consistent.

The argument for /opt/printing is a compromise. OpenPrinting wanted to
put everything in /usr/share and /usr/lib, and I told them that 3rd
party vendors who add things after the distro should NOT be using /usr
(at least that was my understanding).

However, OpenPrinting wants a standard directory for PPDs and drivers,
so they can tell a 3rd-party vendor that there is one place to look for
those things. I pointed out that they couldn't touch /usr, and they
needed /opt/<vendor> and then suggested /opt/printing/<vendor> when the
first was thought to be too scattered.

I had not been able to find an FHS person or active mailing-list to
bounce these ideas off of and that's another reason that some of these
suggestions are a bit off.


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