[Printing-architecture] Proposed filesystem layout for print ppd and driver files

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 09:25:32 PDT 2006

McDonald, Ira wrote:
> Hi Till,
> I mostly agree with this set of directory paths - thanks for
> writing up the summary.
> I think that full FHS compliance is important - partly because
> it's a requirement for inclusion in LSB - and partly because
> I dislike "reinventing the wheel".
> Except that I do NOT agree that the symlinks should be
> mandatory - if a print software vendor wants to store
> directly and ONLY in '/opt/share/ppd/<supplier>/<mfg>',
> that is sufficient and _preferable_ to the creation of
> more '/opt/<supplier>' directories for a useless level
> of indirection.

Does the FHS allow files other than symlinks in subdirectories of
/opt/share/ and /opt/lib?


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