[Printing-architecture] [lsb-discuss] Agreement ondirectory structure for printing

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at samba.org
Thu Aug 10 21:36:17 PDT 2006

At 2006/8/10 19:33-0700  Wichmann, Mats D writes:
> >At 2006/8/10 18:43+0200  Andreas Jaeger writes:
> >> 
> >> On x86-64, ppc64 and s390x I suggest:
> >> {/usr,/usr/local,/opt}/lib/printdriver for 32-bit x86, ppc, 
> >s390 libraries
> >> {/usr,/usr/local,/opt}/lib64/printdriver for 64-bit x86-64, 
> >ppc64,s390x
> >> libraries
> >> 
> >> Just don't hardcode lib but add a footnote that on lib64 systems,
> >> lib64 is used,
> >
> >Yes, that would keep it consistent with the rest of the FHS.
> So a twist on the old question surfaces... Debian systems don't 
> really use lib64 for 64-bit systems AFAICT; each architecture is
> considered "native" and native libs go in lib, not lib64.

Heh, I think you're sort of right - I was thinking in ppc64 terms and
you in ia64? On Debian ppc64 /lib is 32 bit libs and /lib64 is for 64
bit libs.

Essentially /lib is the most "default" for the architecture, which for
ppc64 is 32 bit and for ia64 and I think amd64 is 64 bit.

> /lib64 and /usr/lib64 tend to be symlinks, but I'm not sure
> similar symlinks are made elsewhere in the hierarchy.  Are 
> we implicitly saying this practice would need to be extended,
> even into the /usr/local space, where FHS already says the 
> distro should stay out?

I think it makes sense for this principal to be extended to /usr/local
and /opt although we don't explictly say this anywhere in the FHS.

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