[Printing-architecture] [Printing-sc] OPVP specification and use of UPDF

Takaaki Higuchi Takaaki.Higuchi at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 4 19:43:13 PDT 2006

as far as I am concerned, I don't mind such updates if it does not
affect to existing codes(sample implementations).

could you provide us the exact pages and lines for me to expedite
our local discussions ?

thanks in advance,
Takaaki Higuchi

Norm Jacobs wrote:
> At today's architecture meeting, we discussed the proposed OPVP 
> specification in it's current form.  We discussed the issue with the 
> method of describing properties that was brought up at the last 
> OpenPrinting SC meeting.  The issue is that the specification does not 
> require a conforming implementation to support a specific scheme, but 
> instead simply states that the implementation can support any scheme it 
> likes.  The specification goes on to use UPDF as an example.
> What we are looking for is a statement in the specification that selects 
> a required scheme to facilitate standard
> description of properties so that there is a known method of specifying 
> properties.  Without this, it becomes less likely that renderers and 
> drivers will be able to be used outside of the specific renderer or 
> driver that they were designed to be used with.
> We would appreciate it if someone would come to the OpenPrinting 
> Steering Committee meeting next week prepared to respond to this.  Once 
> this is addressed, we can move forward with the process.
>        -Norm

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