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Till and I have discussed this at some length today.
Glen Petrie is not able to be our new chair (though
he intends to remain on the Steering Committee).
Norm Jacobs told me today that he will remain on the
Steering Committee as well (though retire as chair).

I would like to be the next Steering Committee chair.
Till agrees with this and suggests that it's a good
division of labor - Till will coordinate Printing 
Summits and work on the FSG port of linuxprinting.org.

If any other Steering Committee member is willing
to volunteer to be the next chair, please state your
interest on the mailing list in the next ten days.

We should discuss this topic at our next Steering
Committee monthly teleconference on Monday/Tuesday
6/7 November.

If someone wishes to be appointed to join the Steering
Committee (appointments are by invitation of the seated
Steering Committee) and also wishes to be the next
chair, please declare your interest to the FSG OP 
Architecture mailing list in the next ten days.

Many thanks to Norm for his leadership in the last
two years.

- Ira

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Good, bad, or indifferent, I have opted to step down as FSG OpenPrinting
chair next year.  When I agreed to chair OpenPrinting, I did so because
I wanted to see a bunch of good work move forward.  I also only expected
to serve for a one year term.  Well, that was just under two years ago. 
As a result of this, we need to select a new chair for next year.  If
you have any nominations, you can reply to this message.  For those that
are attending the summit in Lexington next week, we should probably
discuss this there.

Having done this for a while now, I have to say, a one year term
probably suits everyone best.  A year is enough time to get some things
done and not too long to get burned out.  After that, the position and
the group need an infusion of new blood.

At any rate, I will be stepping down effective January 1, 2007


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